Cover is provided for the use of a rental car arising from:
1. Theft, hijack or write-off – up to 30 consecutive days
2. Accident damage – up to 21 or 30 consecutive days as stated in the schedule.

To keep administration simple, we offer a single contract for car rental cover allowing the broker to automatically provide clients with car rental insurance with submission of details on a monthly bordereau to us.

Benefits available

Full comprehensive cover on the rental vehicle No restriction on kilometres travelled Applicable to all licensed drivers No age restriction on rental contract

Monitoring Repair Time (MRT)

We pride ourselves on our ability to act as a middleman between the client, the broker and the panel beater. Our experience at ‘chasing up’ with repairers means less stress for you, a reduction in car rental costs for the insurer, and ultimately, a happier client – getting the client back on the road is our first priority!

CAUA, if requested, will exercise control over the repair time of repairers and panel beaters in an attempt to reduce the car rental period, thus helping to maintain a lower insurance loss ratio.

The order form makes provision for including details of the repairer or panel beater, which, when given, will be the instruction to CAUA to implement the MRT programme.

Claims procedure

The broker on receipt of a valid claim completes the ORDER FORM FOR A RENTAL CAR and submits it to CAUA. Alternatively the order form may be completed online by clicking here.